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  • Vegetable alternative to "meat" - sterilized Vegan penne bolognese from pea isolate. High protein content, no added preservatives. A tasty and quick lunch that you can have on hand at any time.

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> Vegan chilli sin carne - a dish that crosses the boundaries of traditional gastronomy and offers an experience that will satisfy even the most demanding taste buds. Produced from high quality pea isolate.

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  • CRISPY STICKS CRISPINS they are suitable as a snack on the go or with beer. Alone or with your favorite dip.

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  • CRISPBREAD CRISPINS they taste great and are only the best ingredients ...
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Crispy sticks CRISPINS 

Ideal snacks for traveling! The sticks are high in fibre.  The corn sticks are suitable for are small children.

Crisbread Crispins

Light, organic and full of nutrients

Its exceptional nutritional composition will give you a high amount of protein of plant origin.

You will be captivated by its taste, as garlic, coriander, crushed pumpkin seeds 

This crisbread boasts a content with a minimum of salt and no added sugar and gluten-free.

Great choice for canteens and restaurants!

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Apples in batter

We love sweet snacks! Everybody is delighted with apples and jam. More ...  

Chickpea hummus

You can please everybody at the party with your chickpea hummus, which is tasty as well as healthy. More ...

Amarant slices

Unique crisp amarant slices are high in fibre and gluten free. They are very suitable for healthy snacks. More...


There are many kinds of flour today including glutan free flour. 

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Products in organic quality

All of our products are produced in the highest quality from organic raw materials.
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