Crispins crispbreads 50g

Crispins crispbread 50 g

We would like to introduce you to our novelty - crispbreads in a 50g package! Offering a variety of flavours, these unique delicacies are not only a treat for your taste buds, but also a symbol of our dedication to a healthy lifestyle and environmental sustainability.

Our crispbread slices are the right choice for anyone looking for a healthy tasty snack. Thanks to their high fibre and protein content, these slices are an ideal addition to a balanced diet that supports your health.

We also decided to take an eco-friendly approach, which is why we packaged our crispbread in innovative eco packaging. This decision underscores our commitment to protecting our planet, and allows you, our customers, to enjoy our products knowing that you are contributing to a better and greener world.

Each pack contains 50g of the highest quality, ready to enjoy immediately in 5 amazing flavours. Whether you prefer bold or interesting flavors, we have the right choice for you that will satisfy every gourmet.

Now, why choose our crispbread? Here are 3 key reasons:

Healthy snack: Rich in fiber and protein, our crispy slices are the perfect solution for anyone looking for a tasty, healthy snack.

Eco-friendly packaging: We pride ourselves on the fact that our products are environmentally friendly, and we believe that even small steps make a big difference.

Variety of flavours: We offer 5 amazing flavours, making every snack a new adventure for your taste buds.


Our crispy organic slices are delicate, gluten-free and high-fiber.  We produce them in
many flavour variants. These slices are particularly suitable for various healthy spreads
and for further processing.  Crisp, healthy Crispins Breads are a great alternative to
ordinary pastries, which some people cannot or do not want to eat for various reasons.

Tips for preparing or inspiration: Crispy slices are excellent in combination with, for example, cheese, ham or vegetables. They are very interesting are in combination with ripened cheeses of more distinctive taste with the addition of garlic or onion. For children a sweet combination with a spoonful of maple syrup, honey or healthy jam is suitable.