Frozen and chilled products

We are your potential partner for the production and sale of products characterized by health, functionality, quality and excellent taste.

These are products that are not standard on the Czech market, so you will find corn crumb, chickpea products such as chickpea patties, chickpea purses, chickpea fritters, falafel and other not quite common products. And just part of our offer is a private gastro seminar directly at your establishment, for you and your staff, including a practical demonstration with our chef.

Chickpea balls filled with spinach or cheese

Chickpea balls filled with spinach or cheese vegan


Chickpea sweet pancakes

Chickpea sweet pancakes 

Chickpea salty pancakes  with spinach

Chickpea salty pancakes 

Baked pancakes from buckwheat with spinach 

Pancakes from buckwheat

Pancakes from rice

Rice dumplings 

Baked pancakes from rice with curd

Rice gnocchi