Chickpea patties


Do you want to enrich your diet with legumes such as chickpeas, but you don't have time for the classic preparation, which includes cooking and straining? Try the gluten-free mixture for Chickpea patties Crispins.

In addition to interesting nutritional values, the mixture also offers space for creative work with it. You can use the chickpea mixture as a side dish to meat, fish or vegetables. If you prepare a thinner consistency of the dough, you can wrap and then fry, for example, cauliflower, broccoli or pieces of meat. Chickpea batter will create a fantastic packaging that will keep the meat or vegetables inside juicy and tasty.

What are the effects of chickpeas and why include it in the diet?

Chickpeas help increase the feeling of satiety, support digestion and maintain a stable blood sugar level, improve defense against disease and more. It is a legume with a delicate nutty taste and a slightly creamy consistency. It is a valuable source of iron, zinc, folic acid and B vitamins, vitamins C and E. It also contains unsaturated fatty acids, especially omega 6.

Chickpeas contain complex carbohydrates that the body slowly digests and uses as a source of energy. Not all carbohydrates are formed in the same way and not all have the same effect. Some lead to a rapid rise in blood sugar levels, others serve as long-term fuel. Unlike simple sugars, which can be found in pastries, pasta, sweets and other refined foods, chickpea starch is broken down for a very long time after consumption.

Chickpeas are rich in fiber and protein, which helps to feel full and suppresses craving for food. Studies have shown that fiber consumption correlates with lower body weight, and therefore chickpeas are consumed in reduction diets. Feeling full after eating also helps keep your blood sugar levels normal. This is because a feeling of satiety prevents us from eating empty calories between regular meals. For an even greater feeling of satiety, it is good to combine chickpeas with other nutritious food, such as vegetables.

You can buy the Crispins mixture for chickpea patties (250 g) from 39 CZK in the Globus, Kaufland and Albert stores.